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The Secret to Beautifully Painted Surfaces is the Skill of the Painter


David C. Fontan Inc. Painters Can Transform Your Home or Business

There is almost no bigger mistake in home or commercial renovation we can imagine than a “Do-It-Yourself” or sub-standard paint job applied over a beautiful new surface. The difference between the look of an amateur and a professional paint job is unmistakable.

David C. Fontan Inc. employs the finest painters in the Bay Area. Their work must meet the most demanding inspectors in the industry – us!

We are proud to say that they deliver excellence in painting every single time. The differences not only are seen in interior paint work, but in the entire range of our design services.

The Range of Our Painting Services

Interior decoration means much more than professionally painted walls. Our painters routinely re-finish cabinetry with any kind of stain or finish you can imagine. They are expert in the art of faux painting, and its “reverse,” the art of Strie’ and glazed surfaces. With both faux and Strie’ finishes, if done properly, the results can be breathtakingly beautiful. We paint, stain or glaze trim and molding and of course, we work with many clients who want unique decorative designs and painted borders.

How Can David C. Fontan Inc. Paint Your World?

We would be pleased to talk with you to discuss your painting needs on a no-obligation and no-pressure basis. We would like you to know why we feel we have the finest painting crew anywhere in the Bay Area. Our painting team is bonded and insured, and they are all very friendly and customer service driven.

For more information about our painting and wallpaper installation services please call us.