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David C. Fontan Inc.: The Bay Area Wallpaper Install and Removal Experts


Wallpaper is Not Just Beautiful, But Transforms

There is nothing quite like the look and even the feel of wallpaper that has been expertly installed in your home or office. Wallpaper creates a very different set of impressions than paint, and it can change the entire feel of a room.

When we often think of wallpaper, we literally think of “paper,” of a flat patterned product that your grandmother may have had in her den! Wallpaper has evolved over the years. It comes in many different textures and more than that, it can include different fibers and materials.

In addition to what we think of as “standard” wallpaper, David C. Fontan Inc. wallpaper install team works with many newer materials such as vinyl, metallic, heavily embossed or Anaglypta products, duplex or laminate papers and Hessian, which is jute or hemp fibers on a heavy paper backing. These more modern papers are beautiful but require professionals to effectively install them.

Beautiful Wallpaper Requires Thorough Preparation

In addition to wallpaper installation, David C. Fontan Inc. removes old wallpaper and prepares the walls for either painting or new wallpaper. Wallpaper removal is as much an art as a science. Any amateur who has ever tried to remove wallpaper knows just how messy and difficult job it can be. Our wallpaper professionals have the equipment and more importantly, the experience to handle your toughest wallpaper removal challenge. After wallpaper removal, the David C. Fontan Inc. team will then prepare the wall surface to allow for a smooth paint application or another wallpaper pattern.

Are you interested in installing or removing wallpaper? Please call us for a no-obligation consultation or meeting.